Week Four: STWM Training

When I received my first week of training from my coach I was apprehensive about Mondays being a rest day. Historically, getting up and out early for a run on a Monday has always been how I’ve managed to feel good about starting my week. Anything else just doesn’t feel right. With my long runs now on Sundays instead of Saturdays though I am quickly starting to appreciate the rest on Monday. I now start my week with a positive focus on nutrition, hydration and resting for the week to come.

Tuesday I was scheduled for a 6k tempo run. I got a late start on this one, wasn’t feeling well and was still trying to navigate work issues (insert a myriad of excuses here) but still somehow managed to get out the door. Dragging my butt cost me in the weather department as I got caught in the rain (this seems to be a recent trend). I have to say that there is something oddly mystical that feels transcendent when running in the rain. Fine, that may be an over exaggeration but at the very least it makes you run faster…tempo run complete!

I must say that Wednesday tried to cut me off at the knees and the thought of heading downtown to meet with the Running Room group was the last thing on my mind. So, I missed it but I’m pretty darn proud of the fact that I didn’t miss my run. I needed a solo run and thats exactly what I did….10k of uninterrupted bliss! In my Garmin training log this run is appropriately entitled “Blessed to Run” as it was one of the runs that reminds you why we keeping lacing up.

By Thursday I had gotten out of my own head and made my way downtown to meet up with Roger and was glad I did. It was him and I for most of an 8k run which always pushes me a little harder then I might push myself. We also worked on running downhill…you wouldn’t think this to be an issue and something requiring practice (I mean what could be easier then running down a hill) but it was VERY helpful!

Fridays focus was cross training and Saturday was rest, hydrate and fuel for Sundays long run. With an unexpected trip out of town on Sunday I set my alarm for 5am, woke up, scarfed half a bagel and half a banana, dressed and was out the door by 5:30 for a scheduled 20k. This was by far my best long run to date….but I was still happy to see the city marker sign when I was headed back into town šŸ™‚

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