Week Three: STWM Training

When I first decided to run STWM and mapped out a 19 week training plan I felt like that was such a LONG time…certainly more then enough training time. Now I’m sitting down to write my third week training recap and I already feel like the weeks are moving by way too quickly! I am becoming acutely aware that EVERY single run serves a very distinct purpose yet at the same time I am trying really hard to not lose the joy of running. I do have lots of weeks to go and would hate to burn out before even stepping foot on the start line.

There are two ways (so far) that I’ve decided to try and keep the fun in running: (1) thoroughly take advantage of my rest days. This is something most runners struggle with but I am quickly learning the importance of utilizing this time wisely, and (2) schedule some lower k races that serve more as training runs then timed events to just have fun with other runners.

Monday and Friday were cross training days and Saturday was a true rest day…I focused on hydrating for Sundays long run.

On Tuesday I had signed up for the Canada Day 10k. Supporting a home town race was my way to give back and spend some time with fellow runners just out to have a good time. However, mother nature had a different agenda! Standing on the start line I felt the first drops of rain and about 1k into the race the skies opened up and didn’t let up. I’ve run in rain…this was gailforce wind, thunder, lightening and furious rain! It certainly wasn’t a PR but it was an interesting time.

Wednesday and Thursday I logged 10 and 8k respectively with the Running Room marathon clinic working on some tempo runs.

My coach had scheduled 18k for Sunday and given the humidity the week before I paid extra attention hydrating and fuelling for this weeks run. There are many things I appreciate about having a coach but one thing in particular is not having to plan my routes. For my LSD runs he gives me a map and off I go….and if I could just manage to keep this map without losing it things would be perfect. Oddly enough this week I managed to lose TWO maps (don’t ask)! Positive insight from this week….I’m growing more confident in my longs runs as I see progress over time. This is very exciting! Take a minute and let me know how your training is going. Happy running!

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